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Slightly Famous
By Jake Sasseville

Jake Sasseville may be the most famous guy you've never heard of. Slightly Famous charts Jake's improbable rise to (slight) fame. At 21, he broke into Hollywood as the youngest host ever on late night broadcast TV when his show "The Edge" launched after "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on ABC. 

Months later, it crashed, burned and Jake lost it all. 

Experience success from the inside of failure, as Jake shares his ridiculous tactics to win million-dollar deals, find out why Chelsea Handler hates his guts, why he wears pajamas to business meetings and how he turned his business (and his life) around after becoming a “has been” at age 22. 

In this deliciously absurd collection that is as hilarious as it is raw, Jake brings you inside the life of a Hollywood outsider. When he launches high profile PR stunts, he enlists his famous friends like Rainn Wilson ("The Office") to help. When his business nearly goes bankrupt, a chance meeting with a billionaire in London leads to $100,000 and a flight to a private island compound.


Slightly Famous is Almost There...

By Lilly Format: Paperback

Slightly Famous is what happens when faith, honesty and an unwavering ignorance to the word "no" take on the naysayers and bright lights of the small screen. This candid tell-all of Jake's failures and bad breaks pushed him to dream larger than ever before, taught me more about business than any Malcolm Gladwell or Seth Godin book ever could and inspired me more than Tony Robbins ever has. Enjoy Slightly Famous for its compelling stories and motivation..the writing isnt the best, but this is 2012 and the ADD generation, so who really cares about that anyway.

Excellant read

By Lashette on Format: Kindle Edition

This book was referred to me at a book club meeting. I'm so glad it was. Funny, inspiring, and scary all wrapped up in one book. AMAZING


By hygienesass on Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Amazingly funny and honest about his accomplishments good or not! Good read! Strongly recommend to anyone trying to achieve anything.

Brilliant, out there, inspiring

By Brenton on Format: Paperback

This book is unrelenting in both its pace and wisdom. Every story is presented in a succinct yet powerful format that doesn't allow you to ever disengage--the way in which the reader is engaged is a form of transmutation that brings the reader into the manic state of Jake. It's harder to explain than it is to feel.

Jake has the ability to make you feel like his accomplishments are possible for anyone to achieve through belief and furious hustle--however, after reading the book you are left knowing that Jake is not of this planet.

Pulling punches

By Susieq on Format: Paperback

Slightly Famous documents Jake Sasseville's rise and fall and the details of how he's pulled off some spectacular coups. It's written from a perspective of a young guy who has achieved a lot and gives a sense of what happens with a no-fear no-holding-back approach. The book gives that tingling sense of what would happen if you believed anything is possible as Jake clearly does. It's written with fast pace, details and toe curling adventures that make you think can this really have happened? It clearly has. It gives readers a sense of tearing up the rule book, taking some risks like this guy has and a feeling of so what if it blows up in your face. There's always another day. A punchy good read that gives hope, inspiration and laughs to his readers. It's got drama and showbiz rise and falls but there's an underbelly of poignant, real truth that touches and warms. The guy will either climb up to the top or get a punch in a mouth. Probably both.

Never Give Up!

By YNS on Format: Paperback

Though this is in no way a "self-help" book, you will feel healed and transformed. Jake Sasseville is a master story-teller and healer all in one. If you are stuck in making a decision for your life and your career this is the book for you. Every mountain placed in front of him is a challenge he attacked with passion and fervor. Young and gifted, he is unconventional in every way, yet is the guy next door as well who cares deeply for others and just wants to make every opportunity work for him. Brilliant.

Titillatingly Inspiring

By Mr. Philp on Format: Paperback

"Slightly Famous" by Jake Sasseville was/is more than "slightly" good. It's a book that seamlessly covers the story of a boy becoming a man, that man screwing up, the screw-up finding redemption, and the redeemed screwing up again. In between, this is more than a great story. It's a textbook on how to, and how not to, run a business. It's the tale of a person who refuses to give up on his dream, only to blow it when the dream comes true. Don Henley & Glenn Frey of the Eagles once wrote in their song, "After The Thrill Is Gone," the line: "What do you do when your dream comes true and it's not quite like you planned." This is the sequel, in a way, to that song.

The titillating inspiration you will receive through reading "Slightly Famous" comes from Jake's ability to let his personality shine through in any situation. While it helped get him deals with Air Trans and, it also hurt when he met Chelsea Handler on the set of "Chelsea Lately" and he said a handful of poorly chosen words. That helped fuel his downfall, yet, in a twist of Jake-ian fate, also aided in adding even more depth to "Slightly Famous."

I recommend this book to more than just Generations X, Y and Flux, but all generations who can read. At times humorous and heartbreaking, this book is a great read on a Kindle, on the toilet, in a library, or under the covers when your loved one just asked you to stop shining that light in her face. Pages 169-170 are especially quality pages. Methinks they used a higher quality paper stock for them. Or Jake just gave an extra 33 1/3%.

Three thumbs up for "Slightly Famous." Now, can someone please lend me an extra thumb?

Learn from his mistakes, and be inspired by his attitude. Jake Sasseville has balls.

By Norman Ng on Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

When I began reading this book, I didn't care for Jake's approach and outlook on life and business. By the end though he wins me over as he details his triumphs but more importantly his most spectacular failures, and his transformation as a person. People can learn a lot from Jake's story. I highly recommend it.